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japanese momentum 48成

japanese momentum 48成

With supply chains becoming ever more complex and global, a company’s ability to effectively control and maintain visibility of processes, data flows and the status of shipments is critical to remaining competitive.

To assist clients with this challenge, Yusen Logistics have developed a Lead Logistics Provider (LLP or 4PL) solution that delivers:

  • Global visibility and monitoring
  • Process standardization
  • Enhanced management control and strategy delivery
  • Centralization of supply chain data
  • Approach

  • Global, regional and local strategies
  • End-to-end supply chain visibility
  • Ensures data quality
  • Management of legislative developments
  • Planning

  • Process management
  • Identify consolidation opportunities
  • Continuous improvement
  • Transport mode migration- air to sea
  • Management

  • Headcount reduction
  • Fewer supplier relationships
  • Carrier management
  • Management reporting and analysis
  • Global connectivity and visibility

  • Global visibility built on cloud-based technology
  • Owned and developed by Yusen Logistics
  • Flexible levels of connectivity
  • Benefits

  • Increased network visibility and responsiveness
  • Reduced supply chain and freight costs
  • Optimal inventory levels and decreased levels of buffer inventory
  • Compliance penalties minimized
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