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As simple or sophisticated as the task demands

From simple visibility to complex operational optimization and prediction, Yusen Vantage is our unified IT platform that adapts to your supply chain requirements and provides you with the data and services needed to make better and more insightful real-time decisions.


Yusen Vantage | Focus

Delivering real-time visibility of events and milestones across your international freight forwardings shipments. Open to all our customers using our services across the world.

Yusen Vantage | Performance

Our powerful tools combine operational efficiency and end-to-end visibility with predictive analytics - providing new levels of insight to help you optimize your supply chain.

Yusen Vantage | Focus

View your shipment status in one easy step by entering your house or direct air waybill number; house bill of lading number, or container number.

Yusen Vantage | Focus Registered

Access advanced shipment information through a registered Yusen Vantage Focus account.

Yusen Vantage | Performance

Access all the features you need – but only pay for what matters. Yusen Vantage Performance is a modular, customizable IT system providing new levels of insight to optimize your supply chain.

Advanced visibility:

Information Management

Operational management:

Operational optimization:

Risk & compliance management:


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