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Our Culture of Kaizen and Gemba Delivers Advantage Straight to Your Bottom Linejapan hd voice xxx_japamom2019xxx_japanesefreehome

While other logistics companies have begun to embrace Lean logistics principles, at Yusen Logistics we have a unique approach that goes somewhat further. It embodies three elements.

It all begins with a Japanese concept called Gemba; visiting the very point in the operations where improvements are needed; understanding on-the-spot processes intimately.

Next, we apply industry-proven Kaizen principles to manage and improve the processes - a core component in the development of all our customer services that offers you incremental quality improvements and cost savings.

But what really differentiates us from our competitors is the third element. Rather than simply applying Gemba and Kaizen as management techniques, they have become part of our corporate culture, at the heart of everything we do. We don’t perform the concepts of Gemba or Kaizen; we live them.

This corporate culture translates into improved delivery performance, lower operating costs and improved processes. For you, that equates to peace of mind, competitive advantage and a contribution straight to the bottom line.

Our Concept of Quality Management

At Yusen Logistics we operate a concept of quality management that delivers value by improving quality benchmarks across your business. Each layer builds upon the previous to ensure a compliance and operations framework which supports all aspects of business process improvement and quality management. The four aspects of this process are:

  • Implementation or review of basic Health & Safety practices to ensure that there is an agreed framework in place to build upon and meet fundamental business requirements
  • Development of Standard Quality procedures in all sites to benchmark current processes and attain basic working platform
  • Ongoing improvement projects to elevate each site's efficiency and cost competitiveness, and add competitive advantage to business operations
  • Develop standard process to stabilize the improvements through Kaizen, and set ongoing process of improvement of review
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