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Market expertise that delivers speed and efficency to your hi-tech supply chainjapan hd voice xxx_japamom2019xxx_japanesefreehome

For years, our experts have been pioneering innovative solutions to meet the special demands of hi-tech logistics, including speed to market and the flexibility to meet ever changing consumer demand.

Working in partnership with leading industrial, commercial and consumer hi tech companies, our supply chain and sector expertise extends all the way from the factory floor to final destination. Our specialists design tailored services as diverse as vendor managed inventory, distribution center management, the movement of precision instruments, and sensitive cargo logistics.

Fast, reliable dynamic supply chain solutions for:

  • Electronic equipment, parts and components
  • Semiconductors and semiconductor equipment
  • Consumer electronics
  • Office and industrial automation equipment
  • Computer hardware and peripherals
  • Telecommunications - video, mobile, media-driven entertainment
  • Yusen Logistics’ cost effective services include:


    Vendor Managed Inventory

    We can manage the entire supply chain, from international transportation to customs clearance, warehouse management and JIT delivery. While consignment stock frees up your capital, our management services and Yusen Logistics’ own supporting IT services remove all the scheduling, handling, communications, tracking and administrative headaches.

    Managing movement between regional and local distribution Centers

    We have a strong track record in the efficient and reliable transportation of items between regional and local distribution centers; helping customers to balance inventories and reduce overall stock levels. All backed up with complete supply chain visibility. Together, we can safeguard your service level promise, in the face of variable demand in the local market.

    Precision instrument and sensitive cargo logistics

    End-to-end transportation management means we can ensure product quality throughout your entire transit route, from factory of origin, through international transportation to final leg fulfillment.

    Add to that our extensive expertise in shipping advanced technology, whatever the ambient constraints, and you can be confident that sensitive products and components will arrive safely, securely.

    We also provide the following services:

  • Control Tower Solution
  • In-Plant Filed Logistics and Technical Workshop
  • Outsourcing Order Fulfillment
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