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Our services support:

  • Agricultural products - fresh produce and processed products
  • Fishery products
  • Livestock related products
  • Confectionery
  • Other processed foods, including beverages
  • Food supply chain initiatives – that extra mile:

    Market research for export of fresh agricultural products

    For those organizations wishing to export agricultural products, our experts can search for overseas buyers, consulting on trading and business processes and proposing the most suitable method of transportation. This service is probably unique in the freight forwarding industry.

    New technology

    We provide agricultural products traders with technical solutions to challenges such as keeping perishable goods fresh during transportation by sea. Ocean transportation helps traders to reduce logistics costs significantly compared with air shipment. We help them do so without compromising landed quality.

    Total support to retailers and food manufactures launching business in ASEAN

    Consumer goods retailers and manufactures will be aware that the ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) food market is expected to double or triple in size by 2020. They will be reassured that Yusen Logistics has a strong track record supporting supply chains across the region. We have people on the ground, we understand the trading culture and we have well established logistics partners in place.

    Exhibition support

    We provide reliable end-to-end transportation for participants in Food Exhibitions, and have supported major food exhibitions such as Oishii Japan 2014 and will be supporting EXPO Milan 2015.

    Consultancy services

    Importation of food is a challenging task, whatever the region. Customers value our practical expertise and the consultancy services we are able to bring to the table.


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