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Yusen Logistics Argentina provides a variety of logistics services to some of the world’s most recognizable companies. We can serve both specialized local requirements and large scale international needs. We are headquartered in Buenos Aires, with offices in Mendoza, Cordoba and San Juan giving us the ability to serve local markets. We also have integrated international offices in Uruguay and Paraguay, to better serve more of our customer’s global needs. Yusen Logistics Argentina is registered as an importer/exporter and able to perform these functions as needed.

xhamsterlive主播Argentina is experienced in the Project Cargo field, offering versatile and reliable service when moving large cargo volumes, high complexity operations, and public work installations. We work closely with the oil industry, consistently evaluating the best paths for transport based on destination and researching new areas of new market growth.

Our Mendoza office is specialized in serving our regional wine industry, and serves as experts in operating in bi-oceanic corridor traffic for Argentine exports and imports via the Chilean ports. Being familiar with these port operations gives our customers the advantage in multimodal and ocean transportation.

For the perishables industry, we offer a complete temperature controlled supply chain from production areas to final destination. Complying with perishables' specific operations, we can provide a refrigerated warehouse for air cargo, refrigerated containers with land/sea connection and full reefer vessels.

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