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Recently, the situation surrounding international logistics has been changing dramatically. Instead of considering freight forwarding, warehousing and other distribution functions individually, customers tend to adopt a comprehensive logistics strategy that seeks to optimize the distribution process as a whole. Logistics companies are now being called on to provide "one-stop service" that offers all the distribution functions in one package.

Moving ahead Yusen Logistics will pursue an even higher level of service quality that is better tailored to customers’ needs in the two key business areas of air & ocean freight forwarding and contract logistics.We also intend to generate greater customer satisfaction through a host of services according to customers' logistics needs.

xhamster11gayWith totally 1,529 employees and registered capital of 70 million baht , YLTH can serve comprehensive global-logistics services in land transportation, licensed customs brokerage, warehousing, container yard, container maintenance & repair, international multimodal transportation & NVOCC, air & ocean freight service solutions, and total logistics solution tailored to the needs of all our customers. We aim to become a truly global logistics provider that can respond to our customers' increasingly sophisticated logistical needs and maintain a world-class scale and quality of service.




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